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Not Everyone Is Suitable To Be A Sugar Baby.

A lot of people have left messages in the online forum, they want to be a sugar baby, originally to deal with the current economic distress situation, due to the Covid-19 issues. But they don't know if they are suitable to be a sugar baby. And where to meet sugar daddy? However, not everyone is suitable for being a sugar baby. Some views maybe you can think. People with these ideas are better not to be sugar babies.

1. If you want to make money immediately. Sugar isn't some "easy way out" to make money like a lot of people misinterpret it to be. Being a sugar baby is not as simple as you think it is, nor is it as rewarding as you think it may be. You will not meet a rich sugar daddy who is willing to pay you to cash in the first place. You may spend a lot of time looking for goals and then arouse interest in you. The right SD could make an incredible difference in your life. You need to be patient in finding the right guy.

2. If you consider it as your lifelong career. For many people, sugar lifestyle is a good way of life. Being young and financially unstable can open you up to being taken advantage of. But you can't be young all the time. And you become an easy target for abusive and dangerous people. This is a major safety issue. You are dealing with people 2-3 times older, bigger, and stronger than you. You need to be able to pick up on red flags and manipulative behavior or have a social support network where other people can help you gain perspective on the situations you will run into.

3. If you want to marry your sugar daddy. The story of the Prince and Cinderella is very touching, but it rarely happens in life. You all understand that each other is only a contractual relationship, not too many true personal feelings. And many sugar daddies are married people, they will not divorce for you, huge maintenance is also a big expense for them.

4. If you want to have a platonic date. Few sugar daddies have money. Most sugar daddies want one thing, which is to have sex with you in a hotel regularly. The better ones will also take you to dinners and buy you some extra presents. I know it sounds horrible, but it is what it is. Also beware that young and good looking "sugar daddies" typically are "pick up artists", who want to have sex with you without paying, under the pretense of "giving you a test ride". It sounds really stupid and it is, but it is also typical.

Women getting to be with men who shower them with praise and affection, both material and otherwise. Most real SDs enjoy and take pride in being part of this phase of a promising young woman's life. He makes your life so much easier, more fulfilling, and fun. At the same time, you are making him happy and he is grateful to have you.